Topic maps and ILS

“Topic maps and the ILS: an undelivered promise” (Library Hi Tech, 26 (2008), 1, pp. 12 – 18) – a great, accessible way for librarians to explore possible applications for topic maps in a library setting. The authors are Suellen Stringer Hye and Edward Iglesias (who wrote some thoughtful comments on “Data, not records” on the ITIG ACRL-NEC blog).

The main merits of the paper are the demonstration of potential use cases of topic maps in libraries and the comparison of topic maps to discovery applications. Examining the assets and advantages that distinguish topic maps from these tools, the authors point to the power of topic maps: through associations, “each item or topic carries with it information about its context”, for example.

As mentioned in the paper, vendors of library software have not (yet), despite internal use of topic maps, included the technology in ILS development. Why not? What would it take for them to actively promote topic maps? And what about open source software? Of course this cuts both ways – there is no specific demand from libraries either. Maybe librarians need a clearer understanding of the benefits of topic maps compared to the fashionable discovery systems.

A discovery tool only goes so far, topic maps go further.


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