Moving Forward – blog

In one of his recent postings to NGC4Lib, Jonathan Rochkind mentioned the University of Wisconsin resource discovery blog Moving Forward. As a cataloging geek, I had to go and check it out ;). If you are keen to learn about the inner workings of a discovery system based on Solr and Blacklight (without too much technical detail, unless you want it), about indexing and searching and the interaction between back-end and front-end, this blog is for you. In particular I enjoy the clear and accessible language of the posts.

Just as an example, let me warmly recommend “Bibliographic Description? Bibliographic Interaction!. Enabling users to combine terms across subject headings empowers them to pursue their own semantic interpretations of subjects – they don’t necessarily need to match the subject strings the cataloger came up with. To be honest, these possibilities of subject browsing are really impressive to me, never having seen such an implementation before. It goes to show that with cleverness and the available technology, some of the rigidity of MARC can be overcome and data can begin to “dance” – not clumsily but elegantly.


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