Findability as a business issue

Of course librarians have known for a long time how important controlled vocabulary is for subject access. The blog post “Integrating taxonomies with search” underscores the value of terminology control and highlights four techniques which improve the search experience using taxonomies.

The example screenshot in the post is from CAB Direct, a source of reference for applied life science articles (introductory video). There’s a special section in CAB Direct dedicated to the CAB thesaurus where you can browse or search for specific terms.

The databases CAB Abstracts and Global Health which underlie the database platform are maintained by CABI, a non-profit international organization in the agricultural and environmental sector.

It’s encouraging to read the conclusion that “integrating taxonomies with search is therefore at heart a business issue” – it shows that the importance of structured subject access is recognized (in the corporate sector too, for that matter), and it should make librarians confident that we have a real value to bring to the table.


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