Open Education Metadata UK

Open Education Metadata UK is a project funded by JISC that aims to make “collections of mainly bibliographic education metadata openly available…” in a variety of formats in addition to MARC. The project team experiments with Drupal for cataloging exam papers and textbooks. It offers possibilities traditional ILSs don’t have for speeding up data entry, e.g. by prepopulating fields or having Ajax suggest field values. They don’t create “just in case” metadata but instead focus on the data researchers really need and on semantically enriching the records using controlled vocabularies and thesauri. “If non-essential metadata can be auto-generated it may well be created; but we are not going to use limited resources creating non-essential metadata just in case it might be of use to someone in the future…” They also show some potential new tasks for professional catalogers. But go read for yourself the brilliant blog post “Professional cataloguing: the OEM-UK way”!


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