Moving into batch cataloging

The article “Cataloging Then, Now, and Tomorrow” cites three trends in cataloging: “the increasing reliance on vendor-supplied records and services, the explosion of electronic resources, and the growing interrelatedness of local library catalogs with systems outside the library.”

Well, I’m excited about getting to address the first two at work. I was able to slightly shift the focus of my role and am now one of two people responsible for managing the automated cataloging of vendor/publisher-supplied ebook data. After retrieving the data packages via FTP, we run shell scripts to modify them according to our needs, to load them into the ILS and to create holdings. There are some plans to support our consortium members with patron-driven acquisitions, and I’ll be involved in that project, too.

So I now have a foot in both worlds – the traditional cataloging world of one item (or one card) at a time, and the world of using “power tools” to manipulate large quantities of metadata without having to touch each record.


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