Serials, FRBR and Library Linked Data – article

Besides other fine articles in the most recent issue of the Journal of Library Metadata, with a focus on “The Functional Future of Bibliographic Control: Transitioning Into New Communities of Practice and Awareness”, one especially caught my attention: “Serials, FRBR, and Library Linked Data: A Way Forward” by Laura Krier of the California Digital Library (who blogs here).


This article proposes a new way of cataloging serials using linked data and Resource Description Framework (RDF), as well as how the concepts of Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR) can be expanded to apply to journal content at both the journal level and the article level, all with an eye toward ease of access and understanding for users.

The linked data model expressed in RDF could do justice to the relationships that exist in the bibliographic universe and which are particularly important in serials cataloging – title change, change in scope, journal or article as “work” are some of the issues where links between resources could immensely help grouping and discovery. (Serials) cataloging itself then becomes the process of defining relationships instead of creating static discrete records. An example of retrieving a journal article illustrates how “merely creating the links allows a user to see the data in whatever permutation or at whatever level is needed”.


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