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CatalogingRules – blog

Recently I enjoyed reading catalogingRules, a relatively new blog by Amber Billey, Catalog/Metadata Librarian at the University of Vermont. Her latest post is about the BIBFRAME initiative, and she adds some thoughts to the discussion about how BIBFRAME does or rather doesn’t correspond to FRBR.



Could this become the linked data killer app? Wikimedia Deutschland has kicked off a project that aims to better centralize, structure and type the vast amounts of data in Wikipedia  – Wikidata. Information will be extracted from the info boxes and stored in one central database. Moreover, they will store “meta-metadata” about who said what when (thus adding an important dimension to dbpedia). The identity management aspect appeals to me most: all language versions of Wikipedia will link to one central point for the same entity (thus reducing redundancy), and a single URI will be coined that is language independent. See Daniel Kinzler’s recent presentation (PDF) at SWIB 2012 and this detailed article to learn more about the project (funded by Google, among others) that might demonstrate the concrete usefulness of linked data.